All bets while playing on the bet site in India at Parimatch are divided by sport and tournament. The higher the popularity, the more betting options the company offers. For example, BC offers more than 200 quotes for the matches of the football Champions League and the top 5 leagues of Europe, for hockey - more than 100, and for volleyball - 10-20.

All bets from the prematch are transferred to live, but over time their number decreases. For example, bets on winning the first half of a football match are closed shortly before the end of 45 minutes, and in case of a crushing score, the outcomes may be closed for bets as early as 10 minutes before the end of the meeting.

Parimatch accepts bets during matches in all sports - there are more than 20 of them. Each sport has at least three sets of quotes: outcomes, totals and handicaps.

Differences between live bets and prematch

A prematch is a bet before the start of an event. In the prematch, the coefficients depend on the known information - the state of the players, their motivation, the coach's settings, previous statistics. In this case, the odds rarely change - for example, when one of the players is injured or because of a conflict with the coach. Because of this mechanic, there are not often high odds in a prematch - they usually correspond to the balance of power.

Live broadcasts. Some matches in Parimatch live have a rectangle icon with an arrow. This means that the company is broadcasting the meeting live. Broadcasts are available to all verified users - you need to log in, go to the match page and select the "Video" tab.

Odds change frequently. In live, the odds change several times a minute. They depend on what is happening on the field - goals, penalties, injuries, substitutions. For example, when a goal is scored, the coefficient on the team's victory decreases, and when sent off, it increases. Thanks to this, the players catch high odds in the matches of outsiders and favorites.

A lot of information. Before the game, you do not know what state the players are in, how motivated they are, what formation the coach will choose. As the game progresses, all this information is available, so you have a better chance of making a correct prediction. It is not necessary to watch the entire match - most often the first 15 minutes are enough to assess the strength of the teams.